The brain science behind learning a second language

The study of a second language modifies the structure of the brain, specifically the lower frontal cortex, which is the center of all areas of the brain and determines the personality of the individual.

The frontal cortex is a mass with layers of neurons that plays an important role in cognitive functions, such as thought, language, consciousness and memory.

Memory is a function of the brain that allows us to codify what we learn. At an early age bilingual education prepares the brain for different languages, a child who studies two languages ​​will be able to defend and speak it interchangeably, his brain retains and orders in a different way a greater number of words so that he can then access that information.

A bilingual brain organizes more efficiently and effortlessly the learning of the two languages ​​beneficially influencing children’s memory. In adult ages the study of a language develops intelligence, balances aging and slows down the deterioration of the nervous system, delaying even Alzheimer’s.

Now that you know why you need to learn a second language, we recommend Spanish55 so you can take Skype spanish classes.

Dental Plans For Your Financial Health Too!

As the cost of living seems to go up almost every time you turn around, finding ways to save becomes more and more important. And yet, despite the almost instinctual urge to budget where possible, it remains enormously important that we don’t ditch the things we really can’t afford to be without, in some effort to save a quick buck now. Sometimes investing in the right things now can save a lot of money and heartache later, and a good dental plan is one thing you can’t afford to be without. But if you are counting the cash, how do you keep your find a plan that will keep your oral health covered without ruining your financial wellbeing?

Most people already appreciate the importance of general health insurance, but dental cover is just as crucial. Oral health has been shown to have implication on other aspects of physical wellbeing, but that aside, dental problems can cause a great deal of pain and emotional distress. Finding yourself with an oral injury or infection is bad enough at the best of times, but the situation can become far more complicated when financial concerns are added to the mix. Mitigate this added stress by keeping your family covered in advance with a good dental plan.

Some types of general health insurance do include dental coverage, but often this is rather basic – check your policy to find out exactly what is covered. A group dental plan, such as those offered by employers, usually offer a good deal, but once again, it is wise to check what procedures are covered by the plan. Some plans restrict your choice of dentists in Tijuana Mexico, which might not be suitable if your own dentist is familiar with your family’s oral history. Other restrictions include the possibility of offering preventative care only – something that is of little use in the event of a dental emergency. Be sure to find out whether any co-payment is demanded, and whether you can expect to receive full or partial reimbursement of dental fees. This information gives you a more comprehensive picture of your financial situation, allowing you deal with dental issues with fewer financial concerns to bog you down.

And always remember that despite the type of dental plan you have, prevention is always far better than cure. While accidents will always happen, ensure that your whole family takes proper care of their teeth. Good oral hygiene not only contributes toward their general health, but it helps keep your wallet feeling good too!

Oportunidades de negocio con contenedores

A lo que nos referimos como contenedores de envío se los llama en realidad contenedores multiuso, ya que se supone que funcionan con unos pocos medios de transporte diferentes. La maleta de un vagón de carga se prepara para enviar un montón de ellos en una carga, y las cajas que arrastran los astilleros en grúas son todas iguales. Fueron diseñados para exactamente esta calidad medida y han demostrado ser universalmente universales. Hasta tal punto que muchas comunidades urbanas descubren que necesitan administrar contenedores de abundancia de varias maneras.

Los contenedores en Los Cabos ahorran una cantidad considerable de dinero en nuevos desarrollos, pero no son grandes. Son cajas de metal, en general, y eso significa que tienen problemas de protección. Sin embargo, un trabajo similar en los Países Bajos ha demostrado la idea, y la estrategia de convertir a un transitario en un lugar razonable es excelente. Las relaciones públicas son el problema: ¿cómo puede alguien incluir personas en su alojamiento si están formadas por contenedores? Afortunadamente, el bajo precio de etiqueta y la población en Berlín deberían facilitarlo.

No solo para vivir

Obviamente, los contenedores todavía se utilizan para su función fundamental de enviar mercancías de un lugar a otro. Tarde o temprano, Baltimore podría ver una explosión en el envío ya que tres de las organizaciones marítimas más grandes del mundo planean cooperar para reducir el costo del envío.

Contenedores en Los Cabos y su uso en el comercio mundial

El uso de contenedores de envío en el intercambio general es una cuestión de rutina. Con los contenedores de envío en todo el mundo, un envío mundial de envíos debería ser aún mejor. Las nuevas hojas de alimentos perecederos se transportan idealmente en contenedores. Menos daño se ve a través de esta técnica. Esto se ha sumado a los mayores ingresos de las organizaciones de armadores. Los productos para automóviles, como automóviles, bicicletas y otros, también se transportan en contenedores, especialmente cuando el propietario del vehículo tiene que enviarlos de una nación a otra. El envío de Holder en todo el mundo es la mejor opción para evitar daños.

Know The Benefits of Investing in Real Estate

Are you In Mexico? Do you want to start a real estate business? Do you know some of the benefits you can enjoy from this type of business? Well, this is the place for you. Many have been said that property investment is one of the easier ways to build a steady stream of passive income without having to worry too much about the value of the properties. So, how do you benefit from the house for rent in Rosarito?

Firstly, it is easier to arrange for financing for the purchase of a property because the property itself can be charged to the financial institutions. Therefore, so long as you can afford the initial down payment for a property, it is an achievable goal if you were to build your real estate empires.
Besides, another great benefit of property investment you can choose to rent out the property. A rental is a good form of passive income because it is earned without too much of your efforts. Also, real estate can be used to hedge against inflation so that to preserve our purchasing power.
Investing in properties is also a good way to build your long-term wealth. The property values tend to appreciate over a period of times. The increment of the said value depends largely on certain factors such as the location of the property, the area that can be occupied, the surrounding environment of the premise, the quality of property management services if it is a serviced apartment and so on.
There are other many advantages of investing in real estate such as the ownership of it can be easily transferred without too much hassle. Given the above, it is recommended to invest in property as young as you can to start building your wealth.
Real estate is a kind of business that cannot let you down. So, why don’t you try?

Tips For Your Business During The Promotional Seasons

The seasons of promotions are close and for this reason, thousands of people are prepared to take advantage of the best offers and in passing acquire Christmas gifts, either with attractive discounts or with promotions such as months without interest. If your company does not agree from now on to see what the promotions are going to be when the time comes, your competition will keep all the sales, even the Tijuana dentists take out promotions, you can not stay behind.

According to data from the National Association of Self-Service Stores and Department Stores, in the promotional periods the retail industry generates up to 25% of its annual sales, so it is necessary that all companies, especially small and medium-sized ones, prepare correctly. to get the most out of it.

One of the main challenges for small businesses this season is that a large part of them only accept cash payments, while in large chains they have diversified their methods of charging.

Make the payment easy and safe
If you have a website where you sell your products it is important to ensure that your payments guarantee security and speed, it is an essential requirement to make an online store an attractive and profitable site. Ideally, the SME includes tools such as Clip or Blumon Pay, which are efficient alternatives to start receiving card payments.

Implementing tokenization tools, for example, allows you to securely store cardholder data without exposing them to risks.

It offers clear information
It provides sufficient and up-to-date information about the products and services and generates relevant content to increase the traffic on the page and the click-through rate, which will help you boost sales.

The digital business and its opportunities

Creating service experience and communicating the message of a business in the right way with the right means is not easy, in fact, few do because it requires courage, intelligence and commitment to achieve it.

In a digital market saturated with information, businesses must be redesigned aiming at disruptive marketing, capable of transforming realities, modifying industries, people, and jobs, while becoming the most powerful economic engine in history.

We are in a place where what used to work no longer, that is why it is key to excel through the initiative. Create, fail, dream and try different, are formulas of success, whenever we understand that a product must be segmented and cannot be addressed to everyone. Any industry can segment its market from a brand of handbags to dentist in Mexico, many divide their market in two: those who have money and those who do not, this is something wrong and outdated, actually covers more aspects than just the economy of people.

The best marketing that exists is called empathy. Find something that you highlight, then work for that, because what matters is not what you say but what you do.

The disruptive economy has changed, the way of selling, acting and buying have also changed, as well as the way in which companies, customers, and suppliers think about the internet and how to make digital experiences, according to the changes what the market demands.

Thanks to the technologies we all have great potential, but few are those who develop creativity and take advantage of all the resources. We must remember that we do not need to be experts to start, we need to try and fail because there is nothing better to risk. More than 85% of the world’s billionaires made themselves, came from marginal neighborhoods, had no opportunities or resources. That is why we must omit the forecasts and the limitations, which are to be broken.

Tips That Will Improve Your Waiting Room

The office furniture in your waiting room is responsible for giving the first impression to customers who expect to be served. Achieves comfort and harmony to those who wait for you through these tips. For example the waiting room of the dentist in Tijuana Mexico is very beautiful and comfortable for the patients.


The waiting room and the office furniture within it represent one of the key factors for the success of any business. That is why we will provide everything you need to know to have an optimal waiting room


Ergonomic office furniture

Harmony with style

Nice temperature

Relaxing music

Offers snacks or something to drink

Color for decoration


Entertainment sources


People use waiting time in a room to analyze in detail, from the office chairs where they are sitting to the staff of the company, for this reason you should carefully choose the office furniture for your living room where customers will spend a few minutes.


1.- Ergonomic office furniture


The fact of having to wait is not an experience that most people enjoy, because of this, providing comfort and convenience to those who wait to be served in your office should always be a priority. Currently, there are many models of office chairs that you can choose according to the style and design you want for your room.


The first question you should consider before choosing furniture for your waiting room is: What is the average number of people waiting? Placing 3 to 5 individual chairs is ideal for waiting rooms that do not have a lot of people.


2.- Harmony in style


As commented Liudmila Kikisch, director of the School of Design of the Internal Space of the Veritas University “It is important to establish the difference between the functional and conventional decorative elements, since placing pictures, flowers, carpets or furniture in spaces intended for the public can become something cumbersome. ” Therefore, office chairs, furniture and decoration must be in complete harmony, considering the functionality and location of each one.


On the other hand, this reception area is the ideal place to display and show what stands out for your brand, discreetly locate prizes, awards, exhibitions, photos or publications that can make a positive impression on your customers.


3.- Pleasant temperature


One of the most frequent errors in waiting rooms is not to provide an ideal temperature for people to stay comfortable. Spaces that are too cold or too hot can increase the level of stress and transmit a negative image of your company.


Although determining the ideal temperature is an individual factor, experts recommend maintaining a stable temperature of 26 degrees, neither too hot nor too cold. In this way, the customer’s waiting time will be pleasant and without major inconveniences.


Equipos De Cocinas Para Iniciar Tu Restaurante

Una de las mayores inversiones para abrir un nuevo restaurante es la cocina. Una cocina comercial necesita un equipo de grado industrial que resista un horario de restaurante ocupado. El diseño de una cocina de restaurante comercial debe permitir que la comida fluya sin problemas desde el área de preparación hasta la línea.

A veces, un nuevo restaurante tiene una ubicación fabulosa, pero un pequeño espacio de cocina que a su vez dictará el tipo de equipo de cocina que puede comprar. Es posible que realmente desee el rango de seis quemadores de gas con horno de convección, pero en realidad, su cocina solo se adaptará a un rango de cuatro quemadores.

Comprenda el papel de la cocina de un restaurante.
La cocina es el corazón de tu restaurante, donde tu menú cobra vida. Es donde se preparan los alimentos y se cocinan. Por lo general, es donde se encuentra el lavavajillas, la comida se almacena y el hogar de todos los diversos utensilios, platos y equipos de cocina.

A diferencia de una cocina hogareña, donde solo usted y su familia se encuentran, la cocina de un restaurante tiene docenas de personas dentro y fuera de un turno determinado, por lo que es importante organizarse. Esto no solo ahorra tiempo durante las ocupadas prisas, sino que ayuda a mantener la cocina

Una forma de ahorrar mucho dinero durante la puesta en marcha es comprar equipo de cocina de manera mas economica en EE.UU para eso va a necesitar importaciones Tijuana. Se corre el riesgo de que no exista ninguna garantía con el equipo usado, pero ciertas piezas, como las gamas de gas, rara vez se rompen durante el período de garantía.

Siempre puedes agregar cosas más adelante. Por lo tanto, simplemente aléjese del ahumador comercial o de la máquina de helados de grado industrial hasta que esté seguro de que son parte integral del menú y concepto de su restaurante.

También puede encontrar buenas ofertas en equipos de cocina usados ??con suavidad, como rangos de hornos y unidades de refrigerador. Tenga en cuenta que comprar equipos de restaurantes usados ??no siempre es su mejor opción, ya que generalmente no viene con una garantía.

Puntos A Tener En Cuenta Al Presentar Una Patente

El inventor (es), el solicitante (si no es un inventor) y su abogado y otros involucrados en la preparación o enjuiciamiento de la solicitud tienen el deber de franqueza al tratar con la Oficina de Patentes y Marcas de Estados Unidos (PTO), que es específicamente establecido en la declaración firmada por el solicitante. El deber incluye el requisito de notificar al PTO sobre cualquier estado de la técnica u otros hechos conocidos que el examinador pueda considerar importantes para el examen de la solicitud de patente (por ejemplo, los resultados de los datos de prueba que contradicen las afirmaciones hechas en la solicitud o en argumentos sometidos al examinador.

La solicitud de registro de patentes en Tijuana México debe incluir una descripción general de la invención y al menos una forma de hacer y usar la invención con suficiente detalle para que un experto en la técnica pueda hacer y usar la invención sin tener que realizar una experimentación indebida (se permite alguna experimentación de rutina ) La divulgación de cómo usar la invención es particularmente importante cuando se reclama una nueva sustancia. Para evitar el riesgo de que un tribunal pueda limitar injustamente el alcance de la protección a una realización preferida, a menudo es útil mencionar métodos alternativos para hacer y usar el invento. También es útil incluir información sobre aspectos preferidos o típicos de la invención, de modo que si el examen de la Oficina de Patentes encuentra un estado de la técnica adicional del que el solicitante no tenía conocimiento en el momento de la presentación y es necesario restringir las reivindicaciones para evitar este adicional estado de la técnica anterior, existe una base en la especificación para nuevas reivindicaciones para hacer esto.

Muchas cosas son patentables en México y pueden no ser patentables en otros países, incluidas las plantas, los animales y los métodos de tratamiento médico. A diferencia de la mayoría de los otros países, no existe una necesidad específica de que la invención sea de naturaleza técnica para ser patentable en México. Sin embargo, la jurisprudencia reciente ha enfatizado que las leyes naturales, los productos naturales que no tienen propiedades diferentes de las propiedades que poseen en la naturaleza y las ideas abstractas no son elegibles para la protección de patentes, lo que ha dificultado la protección del material genético. métodos de negocio concebidos y métodos de diagnóstico. A menos que impliquen el uso de una técnica específica. Además, cuando se reclaman nuevas sustancias, a menos que el uso sea evidente para un experto en la técnica, es necesario indicar al menos un uso creíble, específico y sustancial en la especificación.

How is tummy tuck in Tijuana Mexico done?

Stomach pregnancy involves many surgical steps, each
designed to enhance the appearance of cosmetic and feel your abdominal area. Run as low as possible so generally not seen in bathing
suit or bikini. Depending on the structure of your body, fully concealing
the pain of incision cannot be possible. The area of ​​the
upper body and love likes it as part of the tummy system. Tummy tuck in Tijuana Mexico Surgical Decorations. There are two scars left by the tummy. These are red horizons set down below. The pubic area and the circular basket are placed close to the stomach button.

Both sides are absolutely needed if the tummy is to be done properly and efficiently. Anyway The procedure that tries to avoid these scars will ever affect the outcome of the surgery in terms of strengthen, stretch, and belly beauty in general. Arrows are generally powerful. This means that the scars pass through the phase when it is known to few varies from one to the other. In the first two months after tummy or liposuction, scars will be they have a certain amount of maximum for them. This is called the incentive phase of the healing of the wound. Following this, up to the year, scars will come out more
and more. It is important to note that surgery is as high as hair color or skin tone. People will heal them and create different scars even when they do the same surgery performed by the same surgery. As a rule, patients are very happy and exciting and exciting ignoring their stomach and raising a psychological cause that provides that the tummy scars are fast ignored and ignored. Tummy tuck in Tijuana Mexico Recovery.

Will I Have Many Pains?

Gastrointestinal tract, the patients describe the immune
system of the intestines near the stomach. The disorders are described as
muscular muscles like emotionally after the stomach I do I Need to Stay Night at Night? Many patients may leave the hospital at night for surgery.
Planning can always be will be done to patients to stay one night as you want.
Although facing, lifting heavy and bending should be To avoid, abdominal patients should start walking a bit with foot exercises on the day of surgery. False bedding for hours at a time is dangerous and must be avoided to reduce the risk of blood bonds.