what i’ve gotten out of coworking in three weeks

GPCW has been open for three weeks. Three weeks and two days. Here’s how my life has changed in that time:

1. My network has grown exponentially: I’ve had the opportunity to meet, share ideas and work along side other talented designers, developers and writers.
So far, the members of GPCW are made up of designers, developers and writers–which is awesome for me as a creative person who likes to exchange information with other working creatives. In the last three weeks, I’ve met nearly a hundred new people. Yeah, I’ve been counting. But that’s because I’m interested in what coworking has to offer me and my fellow members. I’m finding that what it has to offer is a network and a platform upon which community can be built.

2. My days have much more structure and within that structure I’ve found productivity.
Every single cell in my body resists the notion of structure. Turns out though, I need it. I produce more in it. I thrive in it. I’ve never been one to know what’s good for me, and this is no different. But coworking and having this space I’m accountable to, that happens to be tied to my bank account, helps me to show up and get shit done. Sad story, or not so sad story.

3. COMMAND C has gotten more business.
As most of you know, in addition to running Greenpoint CoWorking, I also run a web and graphic design firm. Since we’ve been here COMMAND C has gotten three new clients as a direct result of being in this space. Hells yes.

4. Plain and simple: coming to work is a pleasure!
Let’s be honest, this is a BEAUTIFUL place to work. The eleven huge, floor-to-ceiling windows make it feel like you’re working outside, except that we have heat. I don’t know about you, but good lighting makes a huge difference in my day. And, the space is beautifully designed, I’m not afraid to say that cause it’s true. It’s an absolute pleasure spending my days here.

5. A really fun launch party with tons of new and old faces.
Here are some pics from the party:

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