Yoga + Work = GPCW

The moment I stepped foot into this space I thought it would be fitting for a yoga studio. There’s something very Zen about it– it’s clean, it’s light-filled, it’s spacious. At the time, I wasn’t quite ready to delve into a third business, considering that I already had a design firm and was about to open this new coworking space. But it’s always been in the back of my mind.

The past two years for me have really been about “going for it”. Maybe it’s entering into my 30′s, maybe it’s that my tolerance for not following my heart has diminished, maybe it’s about a greater sense of trust that no matter what happens, everything is already okay. I don’t know that it’s one particular thing, but I’m just embracing the fact that I’m at a point in my life where following my heart and trusting my ideas, no matter how unconventional they are, is what I’m committed to. So, I’m going for it.

The best part of Greenpoint Coworking is the amazing conglomerate of people that it attracts. The periods in life when I’ve felt the most whole, the most fulfilled, have been the times when I’ve felt a strong sense of community and support around me. Thus, community building has become something to which I’m deeply committed. In reflecting about when I’ve felt the best, had the least amount of anxiety, been the most productive, and felt that sense of community, the spans of time when I’ve been engrained in yoga practice come to mind. It occurred to me that all of these things: yoga, work, community, self-care, kinda make perfect sense together.

I know that for myself, when I prioritize my own self-care, I have a lot more to offer those around me, both on work and personal levels. For the past two weeks, we’ve been running some trial classes over here– to see what works in the space and what doesn’t, to tailor the classes towards people who are sitting at a computer or standing all day, to get a sense of different teaching styles, etc. I’m not even a little bit exaggerating when I say that with a yoga class to start my day and one to end it, I AM SO MUCH MORE PRODUCTIVE, PRESENT, CONTENT. My focus is stronger. My capacity to let the little things roll is much more refined. Overall, I’m just a much happier and more efficient human being.


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