The digital business and its opportunities

Creating service experience and communicating the message of a business in the right way with the right means is not easy, in fact, few do because it requires courage, intelligence and commitment to achieve it.

In a digital market saturated with information, businesses must be redesigned aiming at disruptive marketing, capable of transforming realities, modifying industries, people, and jobs, while becoming the most powerful economic engine in history.

We are in a place where what used to work no longer, that is why it is key to excel through the initiative. Create, fail, dream and try different, are formulas of success, whenever we understand that a product must be segmented and cannot be addressed to everyone. Any industry can segment its market from a brand of handbags to dentist in Mexico, many divide their market in two: those who have money and those who do not, this is something wrong and outdated, actually covers more aspects than just the economy of people.

The best marketing that exists is called empathy. Find something that you highlight, then work for that, because what matters is not what you say but what you do.

The disruptive economy has changed, the way of selling, acting and buying have also changed, as well as the way in which companies, customers, and suppliers think about the internet and how to make digital experiences, according to the changes what the market demands.

Thanks to the technologies we all have great potential, but few are those who develop creativity and take advantage of all the resources. We must remember that we do not need to be experts to start, we need to try and fail because there is nothing better to risk. More than 85% of the world’s billionaires made themselves, came from marginal neighborhoods, had no opportunities or resources. That is why we must omit the forecasts and the limitations, which are to be broken.