Dress to Get Promoted

Decide what you are going to dress for your job interview it is not the only thing you should care. When you get the job you have to keep watching what you wear, because it can influence in how your co-workers and managers treat you and even more important how your boss perceive you when it’s time for promotions.
Listen to the experts: they recommend look carefully at how your manager dresses, and follow that pattern. Do not just imitate everything they wear or do, just look at things such as skirt length, color palettes, clothing quality and the style of accessories.
Get rid of clothes that are too short or too tight unless you work in a strip club, also do not wear old or flashy clothes. These are not helpful to get notice for your boss as a professional and trustful person.
Personal care: never forget to get to the office, clean and smelling good, this applies to your clothes, hair, skin and teeth. Your face will serve as the face of the company, and managers will be looking for someone who has the look, some doesn’t like their smile and they tried with dental implants in Tijuana coming back with very good results in the self confidence and how others treat them.

Its does matter how much effort you put in your new wardrobe, a bad hygiene, messy hairstyle, or overdone makeup can mess up your look. Dressing for a promotion includes the whole package, so assess your grooming style and see if might fit your new look. This is especially important if you are applying for a sales promotion or other outside position. Your look doesn’t have to be moribund, though.
It is true that theres a lot of things that can cost you a promotion, but your clothes and grooming are things you can easily change and improve. Following these tips can help you put yourself in a good position when it comes time for a promotion.