Tips for Getting Work


Everyone who begins his working life encounters a dreaded paradox: you can not get work without having experience, but you can not have experience without a job. It is a typical and discouraging vicious circle that seems almost impossible to overcome. Almost. Our 11 tips for getting a job without having experience can help you succeed in a reasonable period of time (job search takes time!).

Sign up for classes, attend workshops, obtain certificates and diplomas and, if necessary, take a university degree. This will not only help you acquire knowledge for the job, but it will also show your dedication and commitment. In addition: getting to know teachers and students is an excellent way to expand your network of contacts.

Another way to get some experience in a specific area is to work for little money or not, it does not sound very motivating, but hey, it could help you open all kinds of doors: you can get practical training by volunteering, with a contract in practice or on your own. Depending on the career, a good idea would be to make a blog or collaborate on it to show your passion and talent. In summary: I included in your curriculum and portfolio the relevant projects that you have made part-time, during weekends or during vacation periods.

An appropriate way to get a job is to be recommended by someone or meet a friend of a friend. For this to happen, you have to create a network of contacts and cultivate it, both online and offline: make sure that people know that you are developing a specific career and prepare yourself by making a sales pitch, updating your resume and making a profile of LinkedIn very complete.

It’s time to grab paper and pencil to make a great Venn diagram that will help you mark your path to success: make a list with all the knowledge, experience and personal aspects required in your future work. Next, add your knowledge, experience and personal aspects, and observe where the two circles overlap. You can use this as a reference to know what you need to improve and what you can highlight in your CV and cover letter.


A crucial part of being hired is the presentation you have, how you behave and how comfortable you feel with yourself, what is very related to how you are going to relate, so choose your outfit very well to make a good impression with one of the formal dress in San Antonio.