Olga’s Gift to GPCW: The Power of Coworking

Today was one of the happiest and saddest days of our lives here at GPCW. One of our beloved members, Olga Vasik, a custom letterer whose talent is straight up bananas, said goodbye as she makes her way to Colorado. She left us with this stunning chalkboard gift. I think she liked it here. You can check out more of her work here:









THE DOPENESS: (Sorry, had to. It’s chalk.)



THANK YOU OLGA!!! We will certainly miss you.

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NEW CLASS: July 22, 12-6pm, Thinking Like A Programmer – Coding For People Who’ve Never Coded

About this Class
Anyone and everyone can write their own programs! If you’ve ever cooked following a recipe, you can program. If you’ve ever solved a puzzle, you can program. If you’ve ever played a game – you can program! Learn the basic concepts of computers, information processing, and modern programming languages from a pro and empower yourself with a set of problem solving tools you can apply to any situation. Students at all skill levels are welcome, though beginners will benefit most from this study. No experience is required other than a strong desire to learn how to program.

Students will walk out of this workshop having learned many of the fundamental concepts of modern programming languages. They will gain a basic working knowledge of the Python programming language, and will take with them the mental framework needed to approach problems logically and atomically. Please note that this workshop is not about “building web sites” or using HTML or other markup languages or any other form of “front end design”; Python is best described as a “back end” technology and is all about how technology works “under the hood”.

MacBooks with Mac OS 10.4 or greater or a Unix based computer are recommended, because they already come pre-installed with all the tools you need to get started programming immediately. Instructions for Windows PCs will be provided to students prior to workshop.

Mike’s Credentials
Mike has been programming since 1985, when he wrote his first text adventures in BASIC on a Commodore 64. He has a BS in Computer Science from WPI in Worcester, MA and has been a software and firmware engineer since 1997. Mike has written programs in many languages and has worked for the biggest companies in the world solving their problems with software.

“The best class for beginners who want to learn to program. Mike uses really good analogies to make you understand new concepts. This class is worth more than what he’s charging to any beginner with no programming experience.”                      - Suyash Ramineni

Sunday, July 22, 12:00-6:00pm

$135 (with discount code below – typically $199, super special deal for GPCW!!!)


Sign up link:
Discount code: GPCW2633

(Discount code will reduce the price to $135)

Contact Mike:

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Annual Planting Day with Kate

Our second annual planting day with Kate happened. See evidence below.

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GPCW in The Queer Interior

The Queer Interior is a brand new online magazine whose mission is to to create dynamic editorial and art content celebrating queer impact in everyday objects, people, and interiors. We’re honored to be feature in this gorgeous and important new project. Check out all of Issue 1 here.

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Loosecubes Love.

If you all haven’t heard of Loosecubes yet, you should get to know them because, well if you’re here visiting this blog, chances are you’re interested in coworking and they are your coworking super-guide.

Loosecubes is a community marketplace for workspace. We connect people who have great workspace with people who need it.

Not only do we just think they’re all around wonderful and have a great product, thanks to you, our super-awesome community, we’re the 4th overall best coworking space and the 3rd coolest. Please take just a couple seconds to fan us and give us a review if you’ve worked here on our profile on their site here. We depend on our community to keep us alive and growing, plus it’s incredibly easy and painless–you can sign in with Facebook in like, under one second.

Thank you. We love you coworkers!

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Marketing Internship (Free Membership Included)

GPCW currently has a one day a week marketing internship available to be filled asap. The internship is appropriate for anyone looking to gain experience in the marketing field. Tasks will include:

• Social Media
• Blogging
• Flyering/postcard drop off
• Posting space on various websites
• eNewsletters
• Sending out press releases

Interns will also be granted a free community membership that may be used on other days besides the internship day.

• One day per week (Monday or Thursday)
• Three month minimum commitment
• Hours: 10am-6pm

Please be:
• Responsible
• Friendly
• Punctual
• Trustworthy

To apply:
Please send us your resume and a brief description of why this is the perfect internship for you. Applications should be emailed to: info@greenpointcoworking.com


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Carve for Farms


Sunday, October 23 The Warsaw 261 Driggs Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11222 4pm-8pm / All Ages

Suggested donation: $10 kids / $12 adults

The Greenpoint-Williamsburg CSA (GWCSA), a local farm-share organization, will be hosting Carve for Farms, a benefit pumpkin carving contest and fall food fest. The event will be held at The Warsaw on Sunday, October 23 from 4pm-8pm. The GWCSA was started in 2000 with the mission to establish and maintain connections between local residents and local farms as well as to foster more sustainable ways of eating and living. Carve for Farms will raise money for the farms serving New York City that have been severely affected by residual flooding from Hurricane Irene.

The festival is open to the public. Admission includes a pumpkin to carve, one free autumnal drink (supplies limited), live entertainment and a cash bar. Pumpkin carving tools and tips will be provided. The awards ceremony for the pumpkin carving contest will commence at approximately 7:30pm. Prizes will be given in both child and adult categories. The contest will be judged by David Conn, chef at Keg and Lantern tavern – a local personality, farm advocate and former arts instructor. Brooklyn-based bluegrass band JP & the Gilberts will be playing a set at 6:30pm.

Hurricane Irene and subsequent flooding has inflicted millions of dollars in damage on local farms this summer. Fifteen farms in the NYC Community Supported Agricultural (CSA) network have been severely affected by flooding and Greenmarket estimates that 80% of New York City greenmarket farmers have been impacted, with about 10% reporting severe loss—80-100% of their products.

Carve for Farms will also feature seasonal fall fare from local artisanal vendors. As of press date, vendors include: Brewla Bars, The D.P. Chutney Company, R Cano Events, and Rachel’s Pies. The Warsaw Bistro will be selling pumpkin pierogies especially for the event. Vendors will be selling items such as pumpkin pie, pumpkin muffins, and cinnamon candy apple ice pops.

Co-sponsors include: Bison Grass Vodka, Brooklyn Kitchen, BQ Sports, Just Food, Keg and Lantern, Lokal, R Cano Events, Sprout Skincare, Vesica Vodka, and The Warsaw. Pumpkins have been generously donated by R Cano Events.

The GWCSA will be asking guests for a suggested $10 kids / $12 adults donation at the door with all proceeds directly benefiting Just Food’s Hurricane Relief Fund. Dawn Bauer, Board President of the Greenpoint-Williamsburg CSA, hopes that the funds raised by Carve for Farms will show how CSA members in Brooklyn can provide support and solidarity with CSA Farms, Farmers, and CSA Members in nearby areas damaged by hurricane Irene.


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How to score some free office space.

What’s the hottest commodity in NYC? Space. You know it.

We’re offering up a free community membership to the right person in the form of a space trade. That’s right–free office space with built in awesomeness. In exchange, you’ll commit to two/three days a week to cover the space, which really means you can do your own work, you’d just need to be here and perhaps share about how much you love GPCW to a drop in or two. Right now, the space is filled with a dynamic group of creatives. We like each other. We often work together. We each lunch together. We laugh at Sushi, the dog, together.

You will be responsible for opening and closing the space, making coffee, making sure items are stocked, talking to walk-ins and giving them an info sheet on how we operate and a tour of the space. The current days we have open are Wed-Friday, 10-6,  punctuality is crucial.

If this interests you, shoot us an email answering the following questions:

• What do you do?
• How often can you commit to working at GPCW?
• What would you contribute to the space?
• Tell us a brief story that demonstrates your level of responsibility?

Send all responses to info@greenpointcoworking.com


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Yoga + Work = GPCW

The moment I stepped foot into this space I thought it would be fitting for a yoga studio. There’s something very Zen about it– it’s clean, it’s light-filled, it’s spacious. At the time, I wasn’t quite ready to delve into a third business, considering that I already had a design firm and was about to open this new coworking space. But it’s always been in the back of my mind.

The past two years for me have really been about “going for it”. Maybe it’s entering into my 30′s, maybe it’s that my tolerance for not following my heart has diminished, maybe it’s about a greater sense of trust that no matter what happens, everything is already okay. I don’t know that it’s one particular thing, but I’m just embracing the fact that I’m at a point in my life where following my heart and trusting my ideas, no matter how unconventional they are, is what I’m committed to. So, I’m going for it.

The best part of Greenpoint Coworking is the amazing conglomerate of people that it attracts. The periods in life when I’ve felt the most whole, the most fulfilled, have been the times when I’ve felt a strong sense of community and support around me. Thus, community building has become something to which I’m deeply committed. In reflecting about when I’ve felt the best, had the least amount of anxiety, been the most productive, and felt that sense of community, the spans of time when I’ve been engrained in yoga practice come to mind. It occurred to me that all of these things: yoga, work, community, self-care, kinda make perfect sense together.

I know that for myself, when I prioritize my own self-care, I have a lot more to offer those around me, both on work and personal levels. For the past two weeks, we’ve been running some trial classes over here– to see what works in the space and what doesn’t, to tailor the classes towards people who are sitting at a computer or standing all day, to get a sense of different teaching styles, etc. I’m not even a little bit exaggerating when I say that with a yoga class to start my day and one to end it, I AM SO MUCH MORE PRODUCTIVE, PRESENT, CONTENT. My focus is stronger. My capacity to let the little things roll is much more refined. Overall, I’m just a much happier and more efficient human being.


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Flower Beds with Kate!

Big thanks to Kate from the North Brooklyn Compost Project!!!

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